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"It’s in the blood. It’s in the writing. In Beth Mulcahy's book of poetry “Firmer Ground” heredity, blood ties, and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, are explored with radical honesty and gorgeous language. This collection taps into something passed down like red hair. Something beyond us, and unique to us. The intimacy in Mulcahy’s words combined with her gift of craft brings you in so close, you can recognize your own face in her reflection." Kellie Scott-Reed, AEIC Roi Faineant Press

"Beautiful poetry ('inhale/exhale' is a personal favourite) is placed alongside well-crafted hybrid pieces like 'Meeting of the board of directors of your life', displaying Mulcahy's skills across genres and formats. Beth very cleverly gives the reader a "firmer ground" as they progress through this chapbook, both of her (as an individual) and of her own stoicism in her individuality. Mulcahy firmly establishes herself as a writer to look out for with this chapbook." - Shiksha Dheda (author of Washed Away, Alien Buddha Press and The Tragedy of Touch, Fahmidan Journal)